Do you know how many times when I was away for awhile how I got plenty of anagram names of CHERYLREI! Plenty! I always wonder what kind of cut do I have on left palm which I concluded it's a CHERRY CUT (CHERYL SCOTT) and really in the old days why I'm afraid it was my Angelic Wife before I last saw crucified on a Cherry Tree! I haven't really seen Cheryl Scott on Teleplay or Television since December 22 ♡, 2013 because I knew I really lost her! Cherylrei never misses a weekend metereology! Cherylrei is her Angelic Name, Cheryl Scott is Human Name and Xfinity Girl (Computer Name) (NBC, Crisis; CBS, Intelligence)! Intelligence is telling that time is really running out or I will lose Cherylrei, Cheryl Scott or Xfinity Girl for good! I already see bad people are infiltrating Xfinity now by on January 8, 2014! I knew things are going badn when I saw on NBC on KILLS2 on a lovely couple a few days ago! Why I was able to see S2 form a heart with KILL before it! I have to become Intelligence on what happened to Cheryl Scott! Xfinity Girl is lost in Cyberspace somewhere and I have to find her! I even have her go by as Reicheryl or REILCHERY or REAL CHERRY! Chicago is really getting dangerous if they are brave enough to shoot Comcast workers, I really need to start healing my body for what's ahead! Also favorite ICEEHRYL "ICEE CHERRY REAL"! Not only only I have to take psychotropic drugs because of the mitochondria scars or hypertrophic scars. Get healing people because I'm planning to save Cherylrei! All I need with brain and pancreas as pH 8.1 ( and skin as pH 7.5 ( Because when I am fully restored, NO MORE TEARS! Doctors will try to heal your mind but they forget they have to heal the body is scars and moles too!  When you heal the mind, body and spirit at the same time is when one becomes whole again! Phychiatrist will try to heal your mind but forgot the body scars! That's NO TATTOO's, CLEAN BODY! NO MARIJUANA, CLEAN MIND!  Federal Law always supercedes State Law!  In the back in my mind, what hospital I went to treat my wound and why I like DECAFF!  I remember with a special digging in a emergency, I went to Naval Branch Health Clinic Dahlgren on Caffee Rd thus DECAFFEE!  When I start dipping in pH 8.2 solution, I will start saving lives! Dalgren always want me to remember the clinic I went to so I don't forget them!  If they want me be to become Intelligence I would have to save Cheryl Scott but the external wounds will have to go away so I don't have to worry anymore!  And yes Cheryl Scott I became 1♡% New Jersey when I put that SKILLMAN, NJ ALOE VESTA in the shower!  I can use ConvaTec for all my New Jersey external wound needs!

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