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Snake-Eyes did survive Cobra! He did used to touch Makahiya or touch-me-not before he was 4 before he was sent to USA!

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physiological pH starts 7.4, I can rise above my epidermis scars with pH 7.5 and pancreas/brain of pH 8.1! Who needs school anymore? I don't! I can do pH like a. degree anytime! All these pharmacologists can waste their time trying to cure me but a simple H2O pH bath can do the trick!

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It's not a cold you are having, it's the Cerebral Spinal Fluid you be getting from all the Valerian you be taking!

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Guess who invented Invega Sustenna? NBCUniversal! The shot is another of saying Viagra but shots every 4 weeks! But the drug at NBCUniversal goes by Sustengo! Movie was shown December 22, 2010 and I got hospitalized December 22, 2013! Things show I was going to get Invega whether I liked it or not!

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The deadliest psychotropic drug of them all, Invega Sustenna! Insoluble of pH 1.1-12.9! I might as well drink bleach and kill myself! I will leave a will and testament to Cheryl L Scott that I will die early with a low white blood cell count!

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Dariel will have no father anymore like his grandfather before him! I figured out when the 2 is not responding, it's a dead 2 not to help out on the touch pad! Invega Sustenna=> In Vegetable Sustainable State! Template:New pages Brain and pancreas is healthy at pH 8.1, a Brain Dead head is pH 7.37-7.45!

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Hi. I was born Redalio but in the Philippines, I'm called Darleio (Darleo) by relatives. As things evolved I became different people. Like when I watched Final Destination Real D 3D, I became RealDio. Also I evolved when given a last name too. I have relatives called Evangelista while I called myself some times as Evangelisten or Evangelizten because that's how Germans got the name Evangelisten. I though then when I looked up the Norway, there first flag was a yellow lion. Even there's a website with Evangelisten in Norway. I got a limited edtion red Express shirt with yellow lion. If someone sees me in a red Express shirt with yellow lion, I'm called Evangelisten.


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